Multiple rosette winner Steven Pott leads our team of talented, experienced chefs, crafting seasonal menus that change each week, using the finest local produce to bring you the very best of British cuisine.

“I’ve been working in kitchens for 19 years, ever since I was 13 years old in my dad’s kitchen. I’ve been fortunate enough to earn rosettes when heading up the kitchen in multiple restaurants and hotels in both Scotland and Cumbria, and eager to build on the already high standards set at Farlam Hall over the last tens of years.

“The ambition is to become the pinnacle in the region, that when you think of dining in Cumbria, Farlam Hall is right at the top of that list. We don’t want to just be a place for a one-off special occasion though – we’re somewhere you can visit time and time again for a regular evening out.

“There are exciting times ahead. I’ve got a great team behind me, all with the same drive that I have to keep learning and keep improving, and we’re unrestricted in what we can do. We’re investing in the infrastructure and in the team, trying new things to create a modern spin on British cuisine.

“You’ll only find ingredients that are in season on our menus, and we’re working with some fantastic local suppliers to bring the best quality ingredients onto the plate.”

There’s only one way to find out how good it really is.

Q&A with Steven…

How did you become a Chef?

When I was 13, my dad needed a kitchen porter for a weekend at his pub, so I offer to help out and before I knew it, after three months, I was doing cold starters and salads, from there on, I fell in love with cooking and the chef life.

How would you define your cuisine?

Classic flavours with modern techniques and an element of surprise for the guests, using local and seasonal ingredients, taste is key, and presentation is clean and crisp.

What are your favourite products and criteria for choosing?

I don’t have one favourite product, I just love using locally and seasonal products, I get excited when the wild garlic season starts, or I get a phone call from my suppliers to say they have the first of the English asparagus, local game, forage mushrooms. In Cumbria, I am very lucky to have such great products available, which allows us to keep our food miles down and reduce our carbon footprint.

What is your signature?

I would say my signature is taking the products that are best at the time and using them in as many different ways as I can to give customers the ‘wow’ factor and not over-complicating things, for example, cheese, onion and kale.

What professions surround you and what would you like to pass on to them?

I believe that as a head chef in today’s kitchen, we have to show the chefs working under us that it is important to enjoy what we are doing and encourage them to learn and try new things, I like to give my chefs a chance to develop their own dishes and I help to work it into our menu and ethos.

Do you have a Chef’s tip for Sunday cooking?

For a perfect Yorkshire Pudding mix equal amounts of eggs, plain flour and milk a day before, heat trays with oil for 10 min at 200° C then fill dishes with mix, bake for 35mins at 190° C and you will have perfect yorkies every time.


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