Our Go Green Policy

At Farlam Hall Hotel & Restaurant we are committed to working in a sustainable way.

As of August 2021, Farlam Hall has proudly been zero waste to land fill.

We invite you to be a responsible visitor – seven things you can do to help save the planet!

  1. Conserve energy – reduce energy by limiting the use of the lights, heating and air conditioning in your bedroom.
  2. Give the car a rest!  Why not leave your car behind during your stay.  If you are planning to go exploring the surrounding areas we can supply walking routes and public transport information
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – try to avoid overly packaged goods and say no to that extra carrier bag.
  4. Be Water Wise – please use water wisely.
  5. Respect nature – help us look after our beautiful landscape and natural wildlife that we enjoy at Farlam Hall. We have lots of wildlife that call Farlam home including hedgehogs, rabbits, numerous species of birds and insects etc… Please respect their privacy and keep your distance.
  6. Support Green Tourism Businesses – see www.green-business.co.uk

And most importantly have a great time when you are here! 

Our Green Team

We strive to ensure our team have the right education regarding sustainability, every team member is encouraged to be just as passionate about our sustainable practises as they are about excellent customer service!
Whether its through joining our Green Team, helping in our Kitchen Gardens or simply learning the importance of environmental consideration, all of our team members are actively encouraged to ‘Go Green’!

Members of our Green Team arrange regular litter pick sessions around the grounds of the hotel to collect waste and dispose of it correctly in our divided rubbish bins. These litter picks are undertaken by volunteer members of staff who give up their free time to help ensure the grounds and gardens of the hotel remain clean and litter free.

We encourage team members where possible to share car journeys to and from work to limit the need for excessive use of vehicles. In the last 12 months we have also increased the bike storage options at the hotel to allow more of our team members to ride to work from the local area, further limiting the need for car journeys.

Our chefs are all taught the importance of home grown produce by being primarily responsible for the growth and care of all produce in our Kitchen Garden. This project allows our team to be integral parts of the ‘soil to plate’ journey, ensuring an appreciation for sustainable practices and the quality seasonal ingredients we strive to have in all of our dishes.

Shows a sign for cyclists

Go Green with our Electric transport options!

We know its not always easy to get from A to B without a car….but with our dedicated Universal Electric Car Charging Stations it’s a little bit easier to get there greener!  This complimentary resident service is easy to use, so just plug in and relax!

Need to find another charging station on your travels? Fear not – just find your nearest station here on the Tesla page.

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