Farlam Hall is ideally placed to explore the Western part of Hadrian’s Wall.

A World Heritage Site since 1987, Hadrian’s Wall is an astounding feat of engineering. It’s the best known and the best-preserved frontier of the Roman Empire. When Hadrian’s men set out to construct it, they were faced with a relentlessly challenging and variable landscape to conquer. Not the fierce torrents of fast rivers, the hard rock of the Whin Sill, nor mile upon mile of rolling hills would defeat them. The Wall is Britain’s most impressive and most important Roman monument. Together with the Antonine Wall and the Upper German Raetian Limes, it forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire.’ 

Just 7 miles from Farlam Hall lies Birdoswald, the longest remaining stretch of the Wall. Here you’ll find amazing views and walks, with the Wall stretching as far as the eye can see along stunning countryside. The site has recently undergone major renovation work, with a fascinating exhibition centre now telling the story of the Wall with hands-on fun and games for little ones.


Between Farlam Hall and Housesteads Fort, 20 miles to the East, you’ll find most of the major sites along the wall. These include natural wonders such as Sycamore Gap and Steel Rigg, but also the famous Fort and Museum at Vindolanda, home to the Vindolanda Writing Tablets – the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain, and voted Britain’s Top Treasure by BBC viewers. Vindolanda is an active archaeological site, and you can actually observe the digs in action on your visit.

We’re also near to The Sill on Hadrian’s Wall, the UK’s National Landscape Discovery Centre – here you’ll find stargazing events taking advantage of the area’s Dark Sky Park status, as well as exhibitions, shops selling local produce, and the start point for some excellent walks.

For more information on Hadrian’s Wall visit the official Hadrian’s Wall website here.

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